Frequently Russian visa candidates don’t know how to approach their visa and they normally depend on their enticing organizations – on the off chance that it is a business visa, – or some data they got from the web. Yet, it isn’t uncommon when those guidelines are misjudged, the data isn’t modern or not complete.

To keep away from any postponements in your visa application measure it is insightful to check the Russian Embassy or Consulate site (in the country and zone you live in) or connect with a visa office which can generally give you essential data in regards to the visa, supporting reports, valuing and preparing times. All the time individuals ignore some necessary reports with the expectation that only one missing piece of paper won’t do any damage. Yet, it is a terrible slip-up – each report needed for your visa is required for an explanation and it’s anything but a smart thought to preclude it.

Here are the most widely recognized slip-ups candidates make while applying for a Russian visa:

– A visa application structure is needed from every candidate. It should be rounded out on line on the site of the Russian Visa Application Center, printed out, marked and a photograph ought to be connected to it. Application structures finished by hand are not acknowledged.

– Before you begin rounding out the application Formulaire de demande de visa structure, on the off chance that you will do it interestingly, examine the guidelines how to do it. From our experience we realize that numerous candidates battle with on line structures and discover a few inquiries confounding.

– Be explicit while responding to the inquiries. For example at the point when you go to the inquiry regarding all nations you have visited over the most recent 10 years, you can’t simply put “many” or “I don’t recall”. Check the stamps in your identification, there are dates when you voyaged abroad. The Embassy will see them as well, incidentally, so it is ideal on the off chance that you record them straight away and not burn through your time when your structure will be gotten back to you for alterations.