You Have Diamond Painting Problems…We Have Answers & Solutions!

With the majority of the fun and delights that accompany precious stone painting, it additionally requires a huge amount of persistence and can be incredibly dull. Finishing a jewel painting precisely how you need is an awesome accomplishment however let’s be honest, we are largely human and we are not immaculate or inclined to mistakes. We commit errors once in a while, notwithstanding when we put our best exertion forward.

Indeed, you are unquestionably not the only one! Everybody from the most experienced precious stone painter to somebody fresh out of the plastic new to jewel painting will have issues sooner or later where their composition simply doesn’t work out as expected. Before you have an all out soften down and surrender take a couple of minutes to peruse these supportive answers for normal and some intricate issues that could possibly spare your precious stone painting… perhaps your mental soundness!

Issue: Diamonds That Refuse To Stay Attached

Regardless of how cautiously you apply the precious stones to your canvas there are continually going to be those couple of jewels that need to cause an issue. It very well may be incredibly baffling to finish a precious stone painting just to locate that a couple of jewels have tumbled off only hours after you complete your task. Note that it may not be a direct result of the paste that you utilized.


When you complete your precious stone painting you ought to consistently leave it holding up. While it is standing you will have the option to fix any diamonds that vibe the need to escape and drop strange. Simply snatch a toothpick and press them once more into their squares.

Issue: When Diamonds Escape…

Everybody has had that grievous minute where the majority of the precious stones that you had spread out on the table are presently sparkling on the floor. You might be prepared to tear your hair out yet don’t stress we have an answer for that!


Stage 1: REMAIN CALM : ) You might be very enticed to gather every jewel individually, however there is an a lot simpler approach to do this. In the event that you have a cutting edge sweeper you can utilize static to pull in the jewels, as they are made of gum. This makes them stick effectively to the sheet and you can effectively get them back on your art station in an exceptionally short measure of time.

Issue: The Crooked Gem

You are cautiously dealing with your jewel painting when you understand that from a separation one of two columns seem somewhat unwell. A portion of the precious stones that you thought were flawlessly set chosen not to stay straight and set up like the others.


You can fix this and it’s straightforward. You should simply get a couple of tweezers and tenderly drive those pearls back to a straight line. Continuously set aside some effort to audit your work of art as you complete lines. This will keep you from winding up with a not all that decent completed item. It’s likewise much simpler to fix pearls before the paste is dry.

You can likewise look at this article on the most proficient method to manage troublesome precious stone painting drills, HERE.

Issue: Hmm… Is Something Missing?

I’m certain all precious stone painting lover can concur that given the little size of the diamonds you will undoubtedly lose a couple all the while. Fortunately there are bounty more jewels where that originated from!


We suggest requesting a couple of extra hues if this happens you don’t need to stop what you are doing and trust that a shipment of jewels will come in. Be set up early. You can never be over arranged however you most certainly can be under arranged.